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A crossroad is a magical place where two roads come together at right angles. Some say three roads constitute a crossroad but I favor the crossroad with four directions.

The crossroad is a place without time, belonging to no one. It is a place where the convergence of energy can be quite powerful. These are liminal places where the veil is quite thin.


The Ancients both feared and revered the crossroad and most would not be caught in one after dark. Hallowed ground to some, yet feared by others, these powerful places in the landscape are inhabited by spirits of the land, elementals, hungry ghosts, geopathic energies, crossroad dwellers, and deities. There are many powerful crossroad deities. Here are a few you may recognize:


  • Ganesh – elephant headed God of Hinduism (Thailand, Nepal, India)

  • Bhairava –wrathful form of Shiva (India, Nepal)                                          

  • Hecate – (Greece)                                                                                                   

  • Hermes/Mercury – (Greece/Rome)                                                                 

  • Ellegua – (Haiti)                                                                                                     

  • Papa Legba – (American South)                                                                         

  • Exu/Eshu – (Brazil)                                                                                               

  •  Jesus – (Western World)                                                                                       

Because the crossroad exists outside of time and holds within it the energy of all that is, it is a powerful place to do ritual magic and healing. It is also a place to ask for help. It is a place to leave energies that need to be taken away.


An important word of caution: unless you have cultivated a relationship with the energies of a particular crossroad or crossroad deity, tread lightly. This is not where you go demanding favors or leaving messes. Right relation is a key word here. Honor the Lord of a crossroad and you will be treated well.


I work regularly at the crossroads, leaving offerings and prayers. I do this to cultivate a relationship. I am especially fond of crossroad energies and the spirits that call the crossroads home. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact me.

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