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The benefit of having a reading is to identify the energetic core issue. A deep look into the energies at play gives direction and information on the best way to set you on your right path. Once the root cause is identified, the healing begins.

  • Divination          

  • Psychic Tarot     

  • Direct Channel 

  • Bone Throwing

  • Palm Readings  

Half-hour sessions: $85     ~   One hour sessions: $140



These modalities are provided to assist you in moving forward on your path to wholeness. I bring many modalities together to meet your needs, whether they be physical, spiritual, or emotional. I specialize in assisting with deep emotional issues including trauma, anxiety, and PTSD.


  • Cross-cultural shamanism – including Peruvian and Nepalese Bon traditions                                                      

  • Advanced Cranial Sacral practitioner – Upledger Institute, Milne Institute, and Vector Point cranial work

  • Crystal Healing – Advanced Crystal Academy                                                                                                                

  • Flower Essence  - Bach and Perlandra                                                                                                                                 

  • Transference Healing – Interdimensional Healing technique from Australia                                                       

Two hour session: $195



Often times during a divination or reading, it becomes clear that a prescriptive ritual is needed. This is a direct way of engaging with Spirit to clear offending energies or to pull in needed energies. If you are in need of ritual to deal with an issue, I will make available to you the items needed for your ritual and explain the process. If for any reason you feel unable to do this yourself, then I am happy to assist you in this process. Also note that some rituals will require my assistance.

  • Power Retrieval                    

  • Soul Retrieval                       

  • Hucha Removal                  

  • Planetary/Peaceful Planets

  • Depossession                        

  • Fire Ritual                            

  • Personal Ritual                   

Prices Vary



Sometimes when our loved ones have passed over we just need to talk to them. Allow me to assist you in making this connection. I work with the dead as a bridge between our world and theirs. See page regarding honoring the Ancestors.


“I placed one foot on the wide plain

of death and some grand

immensity sounded on the emptiness.


I have felt nothing ever

like the wild wonder of that moment.”





The purpose of this work is to get you a little help on your path. When I was young, my grandmother called it “setting the lights”. I will personally prepare a vigil candle just for you. No two are the same and each is made to order; clearing – moving forward – love – luck – money – issues with the law, etc. I provide the appropriate oils, herbs, and prayers, and prepare the light to meet your needs. Then, with your petition, I begin to work with it and Spirit to get the job done. A lot of care and prayer goes into each vigil that I make.


Prices Vary


Made to fit specific needs.  Please inquire.  Prices vary.



  • Weddings           

  • Funerals              

  • Home Blessings

  • Baby Blessings   

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